Monday, April 15, 2013

Edward Gorey Lilliput Cover Art, Part 2

Lilliput was a small format British monthly publication founded in 1937. I previously wrote about a piece of original artwork created by Edward Gorey as a cover image for this magazine (see my post from July 9, 2011). Edward Gorey created a total of three cover images for Lilliput magazine - all of these cover designs are presumably unpublished and were not used by the magazine. It is unclear if they were ever sent to the magazine itself or if Mr. Gorey created them as examples of his work or for exhibition.

All three Lilliput pieces were created somewhere around 1948/1950 and each is signed with Mr. Gorey's early form of initial signature, "EStJG" in block letters. Around 1950, he changed his initial signature to"EG", and would continue to use variations of the EG signature from that point forward.
This Lilliput cover painting is significantly different from the one I featured in the earlier post. In the previous piece (shown at top), there is an enhanced boldness in the figures and coloration, due to the stained glass style of the art.

Today's piece of art is highly sophisticated with an exceptional use of white space in the composition of the image. A sense of depth is achieved solely by placing two passenger balloons floating in the sky. Without the balloons, the image would be a fairly one dimensional scene, but the scale of the balloons turns the image into a fantasy landscape.

As in the previous piece, Mr. Gorey's love of early automobiles is present. The two fur clad men in the car are contrasted with the toga clad man, whose costume mimics the statue which is perched atop the tower. Either the man in the tower would be very cold or the men in the car are overdressed for the weather!

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