Friday, August 9, 2013

National Lampoon Edward Gorey Cover

The June 1975 edition of National Lampoon magazine features a cover by Edward Gorey. The artwork is beautifully rendered in full color. The theme of the issue is Rainy Day Sunday Funbook Issue. The drawing is titled "A dozen stupid things to do on a wet Sunday afternoon (key within)".

The key appears on page 5 and lists:

1. Drop grapes from an upstairs window.
2. Collect all the toothpicks in the house into a pile and pour glue over it.
3. Hang yourself from a chandelier.
4. Set fire to your toothbrush.
5. Catch raindrops in your nose.
6. Climb the curtains.
7. Mutilate the ornamental shrubbery.
8. Stare at the woodwork.
9. Recite and identify bits of apropos poetry.
10. Poke the cat.
11. Sit in the birdbath.
12. Try to figure out what the dozen stupid things to do on a wet Sunday afternoon are.

This issue also contains The Worsted Monster (next post).

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Paul Compton said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful posts about the tremendous Mr Gorey. I would not have seen this if it wasn't for your blog: a continuing a delight.