Monday, January 19, 2015

Blithering Christmas Stuffed Frog

For many years, I had heard that Edward Gorey created a small number of Stuffed Frogs in a Christmas fabric which were sold at his 1992 production of Blithering Christmas, but I had never seen one. Recently, the frog pictured appeared on an on-line auction (this frog is not in my collection). Mr. Gorey often sold Figbash dolls at his theatrical productions to benefit the theater, but the Christmas fabric frog was only ever available at Blithering Christmas. Mr. Gorey did sew a few frogs in non-holiday fabrics which he gave to friends.

One of the interesting things about this frog is the tag that is tied to one of its legs, stating that it was created by hand by Mr. Gorey in 1992. The earliest Figbash dolls sold at the theatrical productions did not have tags. It was not until Gotham Book Mart began selling the Figbash dolls that Edward Gorey made tags for them, at the request of GBM.

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