Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Edward Gorey in High School

Edward Gorey attended the Francis Parker School in Chicago Illinois beginning in 1938 and graduating in 1942.  While there are not a lot of specifics known about Gorey's early academic years, collector Tom Michalak has put together an interesting outline of Mr. Gorey's life from early childhood through the early 1960's on the Loyola University Chicago Digital Special Collections Page which can be viewed HERE. This biographical outline includes many interesting facts and images, including Gorey's High School Diploma shown above.

I was recently sent some xeroxes of The Parker School's 1941 yearbook which includes the class picture for The Eleventh Grade. Edward Gorey is seated in the front row wearing a light colored shirt, the third person in from the right. This yearbook picture does not appear on the Loyola site.

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