Friday, December 12, 2008

The Sinking Spell

Back with publisher Ivan Obolensky, Gorey's second book for 1964 is The Sinking Spell. This book was actually published in May 1965, but it has a copyright page which states the title was published in 1964, so there must have been publishing delays. The Sinking Spell matches the other books Gorey produced with Obolensky, and is a small paperback book. This title is included in Amphigorey. My copy is signed and inscribed to me by Mr. Gorey.

This is one of Edward Gorey's "gentle" stories. Something descends from the sky and continues its downward progress, entering a house and descending through it from top to bottom until it exits the dwelling out the basement floor. This charming, gentle story would be a great Gorey title to read with a younger child.

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