Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Limerick

A Limerick is a small Gorey jewel. Originally published by the Salt Works Press, Dennis, MA in 1973, it was part of a grouping of sixteen photographs, prints and books which were included in Soma-Haoma#3 Trajectories. Bound in either brown or orange wrappers, this short Gorey gem was included in Amphigorey Too and the original art is currently exhibited as part of the show at the Brandywine Museum. My copy in brown wrappers is signed by Mr. Gorey on the cover.

Included in the collection of illustrations which grace our dining room walls is Little Zooks, of whom no one was fond. The infants trajectory is graphically illustrated on the wall flying over the window in our alcove. Our "illustrated" walls were hand painted by my partner and feature characters and illustrations of our favorite artists. Little Zooks was a natural fit for the space.

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Anonymous said...

A Limerick is great, but at the same time I always felt like the third line ... "The infant's trajectory passed him over the rectory" ... should have the word "him" removed for the rhythm to work.