Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Edward Gorey The Haunted Looking Glass, Part 2

I have a second piece of original artwork from Edward Gorey's Haunted Looking Glass published by Looking Glass Library in 1959 (see my post from October 31, 2008). This piece of artwork illustrates The Body Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Once again, Mr. Gorey's expert use of line work creates just the right mood through his mastery of light and shadow. I particularly like the composition of this piece with the hanging skeleton presiding over the evil proceedings.

I obtained this piece of artwork from an online auction in the Fall of 2000. Mr. Gorey had passed away in April of that year, and there was a flurry of online activity following his death. Of the many pieces of original artwork that became available during that time, I was thrilled to add this spectacular piece of art to my collection. This piece of art is hand signed in the lower right hand corner.


Glen David Gold said...

So that's where this went! I was the underbidder in that auction. I ended up with the Mansion in the Mist cover instead. Always loved this one. You have excellent taste.

ampootozote said...

I could only go for one of the three pieces being offered, and I really loved this image...It is currently on display at the Edward Gorey House as part of their 2010 exhibition...I am looking forward to getting it back in my hands and on my wall come January!

Nebaridoc said...

With reference to light and shade, the pale,almost glowing, cadeveric legs and feet make this piece for me.