Thursday, November 25, 2021

Mr. Earbrass Delivers Gifts


To celebrate our 42nd anniversary, my husband Bill Campbell once again has surprised me with another Mr. Earbrass toy that he created (to see the toy figure Bill made me last year, Mr. Earbrass Plays Croquet see my post from January 15, 2021 HERE).

Taking inspiration from an Edward Gorey Christmas card image, we find the intrepid Mr. Earbrass in his finest holiday apparel, braving the elements to deliver gifts to his friends. Completely made by hand, this new Earbrass figure is also an old fashioned toy "rocker" that pivots on an interior spring. Bill has been experimenting with this style of toy and Mr. Earbrass bobbles front to back and side to side when touched. Each of the gifts he holds is a small wooden box that Bill created and filled with noise making baubles that rattle when the figure is set in motion. You can also turn the head to face in different directions.


The rocking motion brings the figure to life, giving the impression that Mr. Earbrass is barely keeping his balance on the icy terrain.

The gift giving Mr. Earbrass joins the previous Mr. Earbrass Plays Croquet incense smoker. When Bill sculpted the head for the first figure, he made a mold so he could create multiple heads as needed. 

While photographing the new toy, the camera caught  Mr. Earbrass' theatrical entrance to the proceedings, looking rather like a candy striped ghost from a production of A Christmas Carol in his native Mortshire.  


Monday, November 15, 2021

Gorey Secrets


Gorey Secrets by Malcolm Whyte is a veritable treasure trove of behind the scenes information about the many inspirations and influences Edward Gorey drew upon to create his unique books. Concentrating on more than two dozen volumes written and illustrated by Mr. Gorey, Mr. Whyte goes in depth to explore the origins of ideas, and traces visual imagery.

Perhaps the most astounding bit of detection is the backstory behind The Lost Lions, Or Having Opened The Wrong Envelope, a book Edward Gorey self published in 1973 through his Fantod Press imprint. While I am not going to repeat the backstory here, Mr. Whyte's investigative determination to get to the root of this tale is what makes Gorey Secrets such a pleasure to read.


Saturday, October 30, 2021

Gorey Style

 Vogue recognizes Edward Gorey's unique sense of style and his sartorial influences in this entertaining article.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Voyage with a Vampire


The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust has been working on expanding their website and a new feature introduced this past week is a Gorey blog. Entries for the blog will be written by different authors on a variety of Gorey related subjects. To kick off this exciting new feature to their website, the Trust invited me to write an entry that would be appropriate for this time of year. The resulting essay, Voyage with a Vampire can be seen here:

Friday, October 8, 2021

The Simpsons Go Gorey...Again


Every October, The Simpsons produces a Halloween themed program titled Treehouse of Terror that consists of several short horror story segments. This year the have channeled Edward Gorey for The Telltale Bart.

In this segment, a faux Vincent Price is reading Maggie a bedtime story in rhyming couplets ala Edward Gorey extolling Bart's misdeeds during each month of the year. This is not the first time The Simpsons have honored Mr. Gorey with an animated segment - see my post from October 13, 2018 for the Too Short Story

 To view The Telltale Bart on YouTube, go HERE.


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Goreyana's 13th Anniversary


2007/08 was a dark time for Edward Gorey collectors. The Gotham Book Mart, the mainline source not only for Gorey books, merchandise and original artwork, but also for information had closed permanently in 2007. Most book dealers would have a few Gorey items in stock, but there was no longer a centralized location for information and collectors were for the most part on their own, clinging to their 1996 copies of Goreyography by Henry Toledano and old catalogs from various book dealers and auction houses for reference. The seminal Elegant Enigmas traveling exhibition would not materialize until 2009, and the only physical location to experience the works of Edward Gorey was The Edward Gorey House in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts.

As a way to re-energize myself and reconnect with my collection, I created this Goreyana blog on October 5, 2008. My intention was to show pieces from my collection, inform interested parties about Gorey happenings, pass along many of the stories that I had gathered over the years and hopefully begin conversations with others interested in Edward Gorey and his works. Thirteen years of diligent posting have not dampened my curiosity and enthusiasm for all things Gorey and I look forward to creating upcoming posts that everyone will find informative and entertaining.

- Irwin Terry

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Auction News - Graham Gallery Cat


Doyle auction house in New York City offered an exceptional pen, ink & watercolor piece of original artwork by Edward Gorey. The colorful 3.5" x 4" image (paper size 8" x 10") features one of Mr. Gorey's signature cats acting like a small child...or an interior decorator. The drawing had a pre-sale estimate of $2000 - $4000 and sold for $9450.00 (including buyer's premium).

This beautifully rendered piece makes superb use of the white space, giving the image a sense of time passing as the industrious cat patiently draws the wallpaper design freestyle. In a sense, this piece could be considered a self portrait of Edward Gorey at his drawing table, endlessly adding detail to his intricate works of art.

This piece was originally created for Edward Gorey's 1974 fine art exhibition at The Graham Gallery and was still in its original gallery framing with the label on the reverse. Mr. Gorey created 46 unique pieces of art for the show and this was piece #33. The art created for the show had several different thematic threads: cats, children, fantastic animals, people doing sports, and china designs. The 15 cat themed pieces from the show are all siblings to the 50 drawings created for the deluxe limited edition of Amphigorey (later presented in book form as Categor y).

To see the other pieces from the 1974 Graham show, see my post: