Friday, April 17, 2015

Edward Gorey His Book Cover Art & Design

Edward Gorey His Book Cover Art & Design is the latest in the long line of books about Edward Gorey and his work. Published by Pomegranate, this handsome 131 page hardcover volume features a large color photograph on almost every page. The covers featured in this volume concentrate on Mr. Gorey's early years, as does the lengthy and informative essay by Steven Heller. A sampling of covers created after 1970 are included, but the focus of this volume is on Mr. Gorey's early work.
This new volume elegantly promenades each cover on a single (and occasionally double) page spread. The book is not intended as a bibliography and therefore does not show every cover designed by Mr. Gorey. The presentation gives the reader the opportunity to drink in the unique quality of each design, comparing and contrasting Mr. Gorey's earliest works with more mature efforts.