Monday, January 5, 2009

Three Ladies Beside the Sea

Written by Rhoda Levine and illustrated by Edward Gorey, Three Ladies Beside the Sea was published in 1963 by Atheneum, New York. The illustrations for this work portray three quintessential Gorey women who live in houses which look like elaborate chess pieces standing on the shore. Mr. Gorey has created charming drawings in his "sparse" style where the white space on the page portrays the wide expanse of sea and sand.

The book is dedicated to "Emma Watson, in her first year, for her parents Julie and Tony, and for Sandy Wilson". Young Emma's parents are perfomer/author Julie Andrews and designer Tony Walton. Sandy Wilson is the English composer and lyricist best known for his 1954 musical The Boy Friend, which was Ms. Andrews' first Broadway show (she also directed the revival in 2005). It comes as no surprise that in addition to being the author of several children's books, Rhoda Levine teaches music, directs and choreographs theatrical productions and operas.

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