Thursday, May 11, 2023

Alfresco Entertaining

As the weather improves and the flowers and trees begin to fill out once again, everyone's thoughts begin to focus on outdoor dining and entertaining. Here are a handful of ideas by Edward Gorey on how one can entertain alfresco during the summer months.

An Afternoon Lawn Party - The Skeleton in the above illustration (for Bantam Books Summer Reading 1995 campaign) enjoys a relaxing summer afternoon in a hammock with an improving book. None of the guests of the garden party seem to mind that the skeleton has not dressed for the occasion, or that he has spiked the lemonade with poison.

A Picnic - Sometimes a quiet summer picnic in a secluded glen is just the ticket. The two children featured in Edward Gorey's China Design: Picnic (1974 Graham Gallery Exhibit) are contentedly munching their picnic lunch unaware that they are being observed from afar.

Drinks On The Lawn - Dining in the great outdoors has its pleasures and pitfalls. The well dressed gentleman sharing a meal in the pigsty doesn't seem to mind the odorous environment. Then again, when one has been raised by wealthy farm animals, one gets used to the smell (Hollywood's Most Outrageous Stories, TV Guide December 21 - 25, 1985). The script treatment probably was inspired by a writer's obsession with the sitcom Green Acres.

A Weekend At The Seaside - And finally, the ultimate summer outdoor entertaining - the family get together! In this delightful image from the early 1950's this family of gentlemen are disporting themselves at the seaside on land, sea and air.

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