Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Edward Gorey House 2024 Exhibition

The Edward Gorey House opens its 2024 exhibition Exquisite Corpse; Edward Gorey's Movable Books on April 4th. The exhibition focuses on Mr. Gorey's fascination with books as interactive objects. 

While the act of reading a book is an interaction between an author and his audience, pop-up, accordion pleated, and cut apart books take that engagement one step further, often blurring the line between book and toy.

These publications can only be fully experienced through the physical interaction of the reader in the same way that a toy can be admired, but only comes alive when played with. The artwork included in the exhibition explores Edward Gorey's imagination and the precision with which he created these works.

For more information and to plan your visit, go to www.edwardgoreyhouse.org. Now it also the time to renew or take out a House Membership to enjoy many benefits including discounts from the online and in person Gorey Store.

Images courtesy The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust and The Edward Gorey House.

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