Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gorey Glasses

In 1988, The Metropolitan Opera created and sold a set of four glasses showing classic opera scenes drawn by Edward Gorey. These generously sized "Double Old Fashion" glasses are frosted and have a nice heft to them. The images are quite wonderful and are full of fantastic details. It is a pity that Mr. Gorey never designed costumes for the Met. The glasses were sold as a set and include:

The Drinking Song
The Vengeance Aria
The Recognition Scene
The Mad Scene


Anonymous said...

What whimsical glasses! They are such a wonderful conversation piece. Do you happen to know which operas are depicted on each of the glasses? Thanks.

ampootozote said...

That would be a question for an Opera Buff, which I am not...but I assume they are generic "operatic situations"

Anonymous said...

I used to own these, but ow I only have shards as, one by one, they have been broken over the years. Do you know if they are still available anywhere? I'd love to get a new set and keep them safe! I love Edward Gorey and his whimsically macabre sense of humour! I have been collecting his books for years.

ampootozote said...

Currently, the only place to find these are on the secondary market. They do turn up both individually and as sets on eBay.

Anonymous said...

There is also a set of Met Opera frosted tumblers, identical in size and appearance to these, that includes:
The Soprano
The Contralto
The Tenor
The Bass

Thanks for posting the photos of the mugs... I have many, but not the Figbash or Osbick bird designs! Will keep my eyes out... :)

Mrs. Betty said...

Do you know what they are worth or how much they can be sold for?